Scriptural Trail from Eden
by Howard Bastian

"I seriously and dramatically questioned God to determine whether He was still alive."

An author’s search for true meaning through Christian tradition has led to this credible exploration of biblical history. Bastian began his search for truth as a young man when the evils he observed in the world evoked serious questioning about the religion in which he had been raised. As he studied the Bible, he began to see those questions answered, pointing to a redemptive process that began in the Garden of Eden. There, he notes, sin was born through the devil in the form of a snake who successfully tempted Eve, and through her, Adam. But their descendants would include many great leaders whom God would choose to guard and rescue His people. Throughout the Bible, there are predictions that God will send a savior. The miraculous confluence of events around the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus offers human beings a path to righteousness, and a means to thwart the devil’s wishes for domination.

Bastian’s presentation offers a personal view underpinned by scriptural references. Seeing himself at one point as rather like Thomas, the disciple who doubted Jesus’ resurrection, he read the Bible three times in order to find the assurance he sought—that its words were true. His writing is clear and logical as he moves through the Bible’s chronology from Eden, the faithfulness of the Jewish people, the birth and life of Jesus, and a sense of what the world can be now for those who believe. He states that those who wrote the Bible were of every social status, working independently, but all inspired by the Holy Spirit. Bastian openly shares his unique perspective with others who seek ways to appreciate the “new earth” that God offers them. His small but worthy book would be an excellent tool for a Bible study and a handy reference for contemplation.

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