The Scrolls of Udanadar
by S. Cameron Roach
Trafford Publishing

"He realized that being a nobody was only a frame of mind made possible by myopic visions of self-doubt and fear."

Bartholomew Fix is fifteen and the youngest member of his family and so feels less than important in the scheme of things. For some reason, the scheme of things, or universe at large, decides to teach him a lesson by guiding him to a strange man who feeds him and puts him to sleep–whereupon waking, Bartholomew discovers he has traveled, wormhole-style, to another planet. There he learns to play a pivotal role in saving a King by agreeing to serve him and joining a quest to find certain scrolls and artifices. He is companioned with a sharp-tongued warrior-girl of similar age, and together they journey toward an ancient city, which was once the seat of power of a now-defeated alien race of enslavers. Bartholomew learns to use his innate magical powers that occur naturally on the planet to fight off foes and complete his quest.

The completion requires him to face the question of an ultimate sacrifice done for a race and people not his own, but whom he has come to love and respect. Bartholomew's choice follows an arc of development that the author has skillfully woven into a rich tapestry of characterization and plot. Dream-like vistas of a far off world where magic is a science and wormholes hold the key to destiny provide the fantasy setting. It is his encounters with primitive looking ape-beasts, who turn out to be noble and helpful, along with his encountering almost pure evil, which feeds on others' pain and fear, that bring out his heroism. The result is a delightful coming-of-age story set in a magical universe.

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