The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers
by Peggy Krause

"'OOOOOW!' shrieked Marcy. Her hand flew to her face. 'What's WRONG with you, Spider Man?!'"

What can a cat and his cat pals learn about human 'kittens' Ruby, four and Frankie, three? Adventures happen every day when the two children visit their 'Gwamma,' insisting on naming her new adopted kitten, Spider Man. The children don't know how to befriend the kitten at first, and end up scaring Spider Man who runs and hides. Poor Spider Man gets some rough treatment before grandmother Marcy teaches them how to treat the kitten so that he doesn't run away.

Before that happens, Spider Man can't believe all the mischief the children get into, and runs to visit his neighborhood cat pals, Puff Puff, Soupy, Lila and Lola. His stories about the children make for exciting conversations, and they eagerly listen to tales of how the children yanked on his ear, threw food, and used a 'bad' word. The cats are surprised and upset on hearing that the children aren't punished for their pranks and behaviors, but Spider Man tells them that while Marcy takes her job of correcting them seriously, often she just has to laugh at their antics.

One day, Ruby and Frankie have an experience that isn't something to laugh about, but frightening and dangerous. Spider Man gets to show Marcy, the children, and his cat pals that he is a real hero, deserving of the name the children gave him. Adults and children alike will enjoy this warm, funny story. Ruby and Frankie's grandmother lovingly teaches them lessons in good behavior, and Spider Man learns to love the human 'kittens.'


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