In Search of the Miraculous:
Healing into Consciousness
by Eliza Mada Dalian Expanding Universe Publishing

"You heal into consciousness when you find the courage to fully embrace and face your ego and its desires."

With an open mind and courageous intention, Dalian embarked on her fantastic spiritual journey in her early twenties. Her search led to studying many paths and teachers, although the works of two famous mystics, Gurdgieff and Osho, made the greatest impression. With uncommon devotion, she desired to find answers to life's most perplexing questions, and along the way she discovered the miraculous and invites the reader to experience her extraordinary personal odyssey of healing into consciousness.

Key elements are profoundly explored chapter by chapter. Dalian provides a virtual spiritual roadmap that leads you into territory that may seem familiar, but takes on a different meaning when seen from her far-reaching perspective. She speaks with compassionate authority derived from years of observing the ego and its machinations; studying the seven chakras and applying their lessons; practicing unique visualization and breathing techniques; and discovering the immeasurable benefits of meditation. By personal examples, including past life memories, and wide-ranging guidelines throughout the book, Dalian shares her awakening experiences. "Enlightenment cannot be given or bought. Enlightenment is a gift that only comes through the grace of existence when you are ripe and ready to fully surrender your ego-mind and remember who you truly are." Dalian knows the journey.

If you want to discover how to live as a fully conscious being in the world while simultaneously undertaking your spiritual journey, In Search of the Miraculous, a multi-award winner, contains the signposts to follow. "You are postponing enlightenment and waiting for the moment of your death to experience it. Why not enjoy it while you are still alive?"

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