Second Life, Second Chance: A Teacher’s Chronicle
of Despair, Recovery and Triumph
by Anthony Aquan-Assee BookSurge

"To realize your full potential, surround yourself with the love of those who encourage you to be all you can be."

On the morning of September 23, 1997, the choice of not taking the time to eat a simple egg sandwich results in a devastating motorcycle accident that almost took the life of author and teacher Anthony Aquan-Assee. This is the story of the author's recovery from critical injury, including traumatic brain damage.

Part memoir and part motivational book, Second Life is presented from the prospective of what the author remembers (written in the first person) and the gaps filled in by family members and others (written in third person), creating quite a unique read. Ironically, the motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dryer had a tremendous impact on the author's life before the accident, which only grew in relevance throughout his recovery.

Using his teaching skills to inspire, educate, and motivate his readers, Aquan-Assee narrates his incredible journey of physical, emotional, and mental anguish that ultimately led to personal liberation. In his own words, he was "locked in a mind full of turmoil," and he takes us through the pain, frustration, depression, and eventually anger than marks the gateway to developing his own motivational tools (which are creatively included) and self-willed recovery.

Little is understood about the brain, especially a brain in recovery, but in Second Life, the author gives us a clearer understanding of a person dealing with this type of trauma. Aquan-Assee's approach is masterfully written, employing both memoir and motivation in an informative and accessible read without losing his readers in the details. This book will be appealing not only to adults and teens with brain injury (as well as their families), but also to those seeking lifelong motivation.

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