SeeMee "Says!"
by Karla Yazzolino
Black Rose Writing

"I need you to hear me when I talk, so I know I'm important."

SeeMee, a little bunny, is a guide through this picture book which encourages parents to listen and to see their children. According to the author, not listening to and ignoring one's child could lead to their developing fears and anxieties, which is something that the author experienced herself in her own childhood. These anxieties could be alleviated by parents and children learning to talk and acknowledging each other.

Throughout the book, SeeMee the bunny states things that a young child would feel, which is followed by a suggestion for the parents as to how to react. For example, a statement from the child, I dont think you understand me is followed by a suggestion for the parents, such as I need you to hear me when I talk, so I know I'm important. Another such request from SeeMee says, Sometimes I dont speak very nice about myself and is followed by another helpful hint, Will you encourage me to speak softly to myself so I am boosted up?

The little book sports an attractive cover with SeeMee and is illustrated throughout with helpful clipart to foster communication between parents and kids. The font is easy on the eyes, and the book is easy to follow. However, it has only twelve pages, and it could have been somewhat longer with more tips and advice on the subject at hand. A good book for any parent and/or educator to keep in their library.

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