Sephro: The Connection
by Druana Kerridwen
Trafford Publishing

"Cryss vaguely wondered how they were going to get there. Teleportation? Would a Sephron come over and take them that way?"

Craela is a young female from Sephro, a magical planet far from Earth, whose Sun and Moon are living entities. She is headstrong and determined, and she spends her time hunting various predator snakes that prey on her kind. Craela has a dark past—her uncle Jondu raped her when she was young, and Craela is still haunted by this experience. Her family and her Clan are trying to protect her as best they can, while Jondu sits in prison on planet Sarthozia. While astral travelling, Craela meets Cryss, a human boy from Ireland, a young witch. Together, they learn of Jondu's escape from prison and his plan to take over Sephro. Craela and Cryss are determined to stop Jondu and his evil companion, Cryss' adopted sister Lorianna, from destroying Sephro. Cryss must make the important decision to move his witch family to Sephro, so they can help the inhabitants in their fight against the corrupted Jondu.

Sephro is an engaging, well-written novel, with colorful characters and imaginative twists that keep readers glued to the pages. Ultimately, this is an interplanetary teenage love story. The author has wholly fleshed out the race of Sephrons, along with customs, vocabulary, what they eat, and their form of government. The plot flows in a chronological order, but the author leaves some things unfinished, such as what happens to Jondu and Lorianna when the humans finally teleport to Sephro. Also, the main characters and lovers, Cryss and Craela, seem rather emotional at times, and this could make them less likeable to readers. This is a perfect book for lovers of science fiction.

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