by C.R. Penny
Trafford Publishing

"The world has changed, the way and the law must change with it or wolves will die as did the trees and man."

When an asteroid hits, much of life on earth is wiped out in the year 2012. Those who survive now live in a post-apocalyptic world where no species hold supremacy. Amidst this tension and despair, Penny's narrative sheds light on a beautiful tale of adaptation, change, and survival.

The main character, a wolf named Shadow, feels isolated in the world when his human companion dies. While he longed for the camaraderie of his own kind, a wolf pack, he only had the friendship of Champ, the human's other pet. Though the narrative focuses on animal characters, the themes are distinctly universal to all species. Following the death of the She-human, Shadow and Champ are exposed in the wild, where they run into a fierce wolf pack led by their aggressive, blood thirsty leader KillsFirst.

Although Shadow simply wants to belong, he must fight to protect his tiny dog friend and establish his authority among the pack. In the tradition of wolves, leaders must fight to the death to determine control; however, the ever-wise Champ alerts the wolf pack to the importance of sticking together and using the tools and resources each wolf offers. Champ points out that the world has changed, and the laws of old—which revolve around bloodshed and death—do not govern this new age that is predicated on survival and working together. What follows is a blossoming relationship between Shadow, Champ, and the entire wolf pack—a relationship built on love rather than fear.

The author does an unbelievable job of portraying the camaraderie between inter species. Moreover, Penny uses his story and passion for animals to provide a ray of light to humanity: change is now necessary for the world of old to move into the future on a strong footing—or be otherwise extinct. From the book, readers will, without a doubt, come away believing that love, not fear, is the key to living a happy, productive life. C.R. Penny's Shadow is an intriguing must read that bears the potential to help humans realize the importance of love and trust.

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