Sharky and Mia the Mermaid
by Carmen Dannenberg Morales

"Everyone in the island was living in peace and happiness with one another."

Mia is a very special mermaid who can sprout legs to walk on land to explore the world around the ocean. Mia’s best friend Sharkey, however, must stay in the sea at all times. Mia collects treasures she finds when she is exploring on land and brings them back to her friends in the ocean. While Sharkey appreciates all the gifts Mia brings, his real wish is to walk on land with Mia. When they were little, Mia told Sharkey if she could give him legs she would, but, unfortunately, it was impossible.

One day, Mia went out for another adventure on land. Sharkey waited and waited but Mia did not return. Sharkey got very worried and went to look for Mia the best he could from the ocean but could not find his best friend. Meanwhile, Mia had unearthed a new island she had never explored before and discovered on this special island that every sea creature could grow legs and walk on land. Mia raced back to tell Sharkey and her friends the wonderful news. Now, Sharkey could join Mia on all her land adventures!

Morales migrated to the United States in 1962 with her parents. When she was twenty-two she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who enlightened her life. When her daughter gave Morales the news she was expecting and was going to name her child Mia, the author discovered great inspiration which led her to write the magical story of Mia the Mermaid. Every young girl has extraordinary dreams of being a magical, beautiful creature of the sea, and Morales gave her grand-daughter this opportunity by creating this mystical story just for her. Young readers will be completely engaged in this story of life-long friendship, majestic imagination, and awe-inspiring harmony among all.

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