Shy Jenny
by Robin Taylor
Trafford Publishing

"Jenny's best friend was 'Mr. Navy'! ...a small sock doll that her Father gave her..."

Jenny is a shy little girl with bright orange wavy hair. It's hard enough to be shy but having hair the color of carrots makes it even harder. She hides her feelings and just knows that everyone is staring at her. She's afraid of dogs and doesn't like to work math problems in front of the class. Her father gave her a small sock doll when she was a baby. She named the doll "Mr. Navy" because he wears a sailor's hat and a blue collar that looks like the kind seen on a sailor's uniform. He is her best friend and goes everywhere with her. He walks with her in the rain, goes to the playground with her, rides in her red wagon, and even helps her to not be afraid of dogs. When she feels insecure at school, he tells her how well she is doing. Her shyness slowly goes away until she is no longer hiding her face. She's happy and likes having orange hair.

This story depicts the positive reinforcement of a child's favorite doll (or stuffed animal or imaginary friend). Every child goes through phases of not fitting in, fear of being stared at in front of the class, and shyness. By having a special friend who is always willing to listen, children eventually feel more confident. The illustrations in the book portray various activities of Jenny and her sock doll. Some of the drawings are small and crowded which might make them difficult for young children to understand.

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