The Silent Partner
by Terrence King
Trafford Publishing

"Tom stood still with his hand on Carlos's casket, not reacting to the torrential wind. It didn't affect him, and he didn't notice it at all."

Columnist Tom Summers has written a heart-rending memoir, a book he has poured his soul into. Unfortunately, agent after agent refuses to publish it. Beaten down by countless rejections, Tom is tempted to give up on his dream of getting the book published, but God cannot let that happen. The book has the potential to save all humanity, so God tasks Homer, an irreverent angel, with the mission to help Tom. She has a matter of days to get the book into the right hands. The catch, however, is that though Homer is a powerful angel, she is forbidden from interfering with people's free will. If she fails to succeed in her mission, she will be forced back into isolation, a fate she considers worse than death.

Homer soon discovers how difficult her mission is. Tom is not only struggling with his book, but is having relationship problems with his fiancé and an ex flame who has resurfaced. He is also worried about his younger brother who is being harassed by a gang of thugs. All of these issues, along with problems at work, interfere with Tom's concentration on his book, and Homer has no idea how to help.

Filled with twists and turns, this book has an unusual premise and portrays God as a fickle, incomprehensible being. It is packed with intrigue, betrayal, violence, and deception, but ultimately conveys a message of hope. Elements of the supernatural keep the plot fresh and unique.

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