Silent Sentinels
by Patricia Huff

"He’d changed very little. Of course, his black SS uniform had been replaced with a black tuxedo."

In her sequel to The Mourning Doves, author Huff invokes murder, kidnapping, and a host of intrigue in The Grand Canyon State. Jason Borseau, happily married and the owner of a local TV and radio station, appears to have it all, but he becomes embroiled in the “Ladies of the Night Murders.” It’s a string of grisly killings involving Phoenix’s marginal population, which includes minorities and prostitutes—all of them women. While the murders suggest a serial killer, the answer to this whodunnit is neither obvious or easy to solve, and it will require Borseau to call on friends and associates to connect the real trouble brewing in the city with the evident crimes. Without giving away any spoilers, the unearthing of the truth is risky for all who dare.

This well thought-out thriller and mystery is heavily dosed with soap opera-like drama, although it comes across as thoroughly exciting and filled with an intriguing plot, shadowy figures, corruption, and plot twists that are believable and simultaneously a surprise. Occasionally the delivery of the backstory, forced conversations, and overwrought romance slow the overall momentum. Some of the minor characters appeared one-dimensional and merely present to move the other characters along. However, the storytelling, plot twists, and Huff’s command of voice keep the narrative thriving. Silent Sentinels is worth the time. For those who enjoy a good mystery with a little drama on the side, Patricia Huff delivers.

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