Silly Billy the Lobster
by Tien Huang

"His victims, however, wanted him to end up as a steamed meal for someone."

That may sound pretty graphic for a children's book until you realize that Silly Billy has been swimming around pinching everyone and generally making a pest of himself. Without getting into too much crustacean psychology, let's just say that Billy's idea of play is different from those of his aquatic neighbors. Books can play an important role in the lives of children, and Silly Billy the Lobster can be both fun and educational.

Reading this book to a child would give parents the opportunity to teach the difference between teasing that can be hurtful and play that can be fun. The drawings, while childlike, illustrate the story and show the emotions that the characters experience. The conclusion provides a little life lesson that adults can share with children of most ages. Happy endings are great.

Tien Huang is a graduate of UCSD with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry who apparently likes to give the left side of her brain a rest by delving into creative activities like drawing, writing and playing music. She was inspired to write children's books to bring joy to others and to have a bit of fun herself. Previously published books include The Logical Opossum and Who Makes Me Happy? She has several books ready for follow-up and is looking forward to becoming known as a writer.

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