Silly Lilly
by Ariel Patten

"Lilly was a little girl. And in her dreams ballerinas twirled."

Lilly is an adventurous little girl who spends her days immersed in a whirlwind of exciting games, playing in her flower garden, and riding a pretty horse of her very own. Whether she is twirling like a ballerina, building towers of blocks, or baking, she always finds an unexpected outcome. However, Lilly can be a little clumsy, and her vision for playtime doesn’t always go as planned, resulting in spilled blocks and the occasional inedible cake. Enjoying a close relationship with her mother, she begs for her to read stories to her, which fill her head with hopes for her future. Then, drifting off to sleep, Lilly enjoys lovely dreams of perfect block towers, delicious cakes, and the perfect playtime.

An innocent and simple story told in a delightful rhyme, Patten’s work would be excellently suited to very early readers. Small children will be charmed by Lilly and inspired by her wholesome activities, including her close and nurturing relationship with her mother. Though Lilly’s father is not mentioned, her life is clearly stable and affirming. It is also important to note that, while Lilly’s childhood activities are idyllic, she engages in diverse forms of play, not limited to conventionally feminine pursuits such as baking. Her enjoyment of blocks and horses may be relatable and affirming to children who enjoy outdoor, athletic hobbies. Furthermore, the story is also replete with lovely, colorful illustrations, and children will have fun identifying the colors, shapes, and animals in the bright, glossy pages. Overall, Patten’s work will make an adorable addition to the bookshelf of a small child and may quickly become a bedtime story favorite for many imaginative youngsters.

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