Six-toed Cat Tale
by Jenny Gulla
Trafford Publishing

"Flora remembered the first time seeing Suzy Cat. She noticed she had six toes on each paw instead of five."

Young girl Flora is in Key West on vacation, and while she is there she visits her friend Suzy Cat, a cat with six toes like most cats in the region. Suzy and Flora waste no time before embarking on an exciting trip, as it seems Flora, Suzy, and her kittens are all invited to the wedding between Mr. Black Cat and Miss Pencil, named because of the white tip at the end of her orange tail. After getting a gift and appropriate dresses for the wedding, the group goes to the mansion in Mallory Square where all the cats live to attend the ceremony. There they meet Mrs. Mock the mockingbird, Art the rooster, and Ernie the lizard, all there to share in the happy occasion. After the party, the newlyweds head off on their honeymoon and Suzy Cat and Flora rest up before their next adventure.

From the outset, it's clear that any reader who loves animals, particularly cats, will enjoy this story. The content is primarily for young readers, teaching them about Key West and the cats that are born there. At the same time, it's a cute story filled with bright, colorful illustrations to enjoy. The story itself is the perfect length for sharing at story time either at home or in the classroom. Kids will enjoy the cute animal characters, each with their own special skills. While being the ideal length for reading aloud to children, there is some challenging vocabulary that can give young readers a head start towards learning new, big words. For animal loving children, this book will be a great way to spend an afternoon.

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