Sleeping with the Enemy
by Tonya F. Lofton
Trafford Publishing

"God gave me laughter in replace of sadness with a peace which passes all understanding."

As a former probation/parole officer and substance abuse counselor, author Tonya F. Lofton has seen her fair share of criminals and drug addicts only to marry a man who struggled with many of the same issues. She shares her challenging journey in her book, as way to educate and inspire other women going through similar situations. Her story describes how she displayed incredible courage and strength, as she endured a marriage full of of struggle, infidelity, drug addiction, and financial worries and how by the grace of God she survived it.

Lofton's writing is down-to-earth and to-the-point as she shares intimate details about her married life. Including details such as marrying a man with "two baby's mommas" and (in the absence of love and affection from her husband) finding herself a "sugar daddy," she gives readers an unrestricted glimpse into her past. Without remorse or regret, she describes seemingly difficult moments including her husband's binge drinking and crack cocaine usage. As a self-proclaimed Christian and woman of God, Lofton found herself at a crossroads. She followed the divine guidance she was given to once and for all free herself from the troublesome marriage she endured for too long.

Sleeping with the Enemy is a book many women going through similar situations can relate to, and while there are some grammatical errors and slang language throughout, the story is one that reminds readers no matter how bad a situation seems, there is always a way out. In Lofton's case the way out was through her faith in God and her willingness to listen to the guidance she was given.

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