"I have tried to express my ideas as seeds, as simply and succinctly as possible, so they could grow in people’s minds once planted."

This collection of works in various formats is a testament to the author’s devotion to environmental issues, along with his love of art and belief in its importance to humanity. The author shares his personal views forged from a lifetime of travel and work in promoting both art and conservation. The book consists of a series of articles on the importance of environmental conservation, a tenth-century poem by the Guru Phadampa Sangay, essays concerning the establishment and work of the 43 Group to promote “art in all its branches” in Sri Lanka, stories of travel, and the author’s philosophical beliefs. Enhancing his work are 68 of the author’s photographs. Though this collection features a variety of genres—including essays, poetry, and fables—there is one constant theme running throughout: the preservation and enrichment of humanity through environmental conservation and promotion of the arts.

This fascinating look at the world through the author's eyes brings readers a glimpse of his life, work, and travels. His passionate devotion to environmental issues and the promotion of art permeates his writings. His essays on deforestation and conservation are a call to arms to join the fight in reversing the damage done to the planet. The photographs offer readers a look into the life of the author and reveal his deep love of nature. The fables included at the end of the book are a delightful blending of a Mahayana Buddhist legend and science, offering readers a compelling work of fiction. The author’s work is an intriguing array of informative and delightful stories from the mind of one who has spent his life working to make the world a better place.

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