Snow Tales and Other Fancies
by Keenan Brookland, editor
Trafford Publishing 

"The funny thing is that children's tales are sometimes much closer to the truth than whatever in the world adults are thinking and saying."

Magic's true home is in the mind of a child. To an adult, a cardboard box is either trash or something to store things in, but for the young boy or girl it can be a spaceship to the stars or Cinderella's pumpkin coach. The writers and illustrators of this book have managed to find a way back from the dreary reality of grown-ups to the wonders of the imaginary world that can only be experienced by the very young or the young at heart.

The Snow Tales in this volume are loosely linked sketches that take place in another world governed by Sir Fife, the Spirit of the Snow. Shortly after a boy named Dennis accidentally falls into the snow world, he begins a series of adventures with his friend Gaila in which they encounter talking snowmen, space cats, magical eggs, and other oddities. They even transform into snow people themselves, complete with stick arms and carrot noses. In contrast, the Other Fancies follow the more traditional model of a short story. Set in our world and for slightly older audiences, these latter tales still retain a touch of fantasy.

Part of the charm of this book is in the delightful illustrations by Slate Bender that mainly accompany the Snow Tales. Whimsical and light-hearted, they help set the mood for the more juvenile sketches. Stories like "Floating Folklore" and "Gathering Snowflakes" have deeper themes that even adults can appreciate. Designed to be read aloud, this fanciful collection will provide a touch of added warmth to family times in front of the fireplace.

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