"To live immersed in His love and grace,
To live unbound by sin
Just as I have to die to live,
I have to lose to win."

Basking in the light of Jesus Christ, Davis pens her poetry from the perspective of a hopeful pragmatist. In much of her poetry, either directly or indirectly, she expresses that life will not be a straight journey to the promised land. On the contrary, no one truly controls their destiny, only their reaction and faith in the midst of events that happen to them.

Spanning fifty-eight years, the poems are a representation of the growth of thought and the cultivation of the poet’s experiences. In poems like “Christmas Moods,” the evolution from “presents” to “presence” clearly recognizes the importance of relationships and time rather than material possessions. In “Closer,” Davis shows how to bridge the gap between the material and spiritual worth by keeping God’s Word in one's heart as time continues to flee. Specifically, “Comes a Time” poses a series of questions in anticipation of Judgment Day.

While the poet does not utilize scripture outright, she still successfully conveys its values and the power awakening in faith. Davis’s poetry is a collection of reflections, personal experiences, and depictions of faith. Though there is no significant use of rhyme schemes or poetic devices, the use of repetitive structure in poems like “All in All” help in emphasizing the content of the poetry. The stream of conscious poetry is undoubtedly authentic and enriching. The premise is clear cut: You might not be where you want to be now, but if you follow God’s promise, your fate will surely turn. At its core, this meaningful compilation encourages audiences to focus on God the Father’s love, a love that surrendered an only son to the cross to pay for humanity’s sinful ways, and, as “Words” so elegantly portrays, to give mankind freedom from self-created anguish and the opportunity to heal the soul.

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