"Increase your faith, by taking a chance, that something good will happen from believing in God."

Poet LaShayia has created a group of poems and short essays touching on divine themes and acknowledging that, though we are human and fallible, we can strive for higher understanding. Her book is divided into groupings whose titles reflect our limitations: "Disappointment," "Hardship," "Loss," "Loneliness," and "Forgiveness." She suggests that "Everyone in this life will make a mistake," and from this, we learn "wrong from right." She advises patience, reminding us in "Rules of Waiting" that "Waiting is for the broken to heal, the dreamer, / To expand, the musician to sing…"

"Monday Thinking" suggests that on the first day of the week we plan the month ahead "with no negative thinking." In "Speaking on Love," she asserts that "romance is easy," but God's love never leaves us. "More Thoughts on Romance" includes the idea that in any strong partnership, there must be compliance and reliance on love. Her works, whether rhyming, free verse, or brief prose interludes, always imply or openly state the need for praise and prayers to God.

LaShayia has been writing for many years, finding in poetry and the art of dance the means of communicating her sincere love of Christ. Her work in childcare has given her the impulse to reach out to families, hoping to share healing and strength through her words. Her emotive poetry expresses a love of nature, a sense of humor, and a respect for her Christian faith. It reminds readers that love is not just found in "a hug or kiss" but only through Jesus, and "there's no meaning without him." The works in this aggregation are well-phrased, well-intended, and notably well organized. They have the power to affect readers both through their sense of comfort and their encouragement to begin a new and fruitful inner journey.

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