Souls: A Genealogical Collection
by Gwendolyn J. Hatcher
Trafford Publishing

"For some strange reason, I wanted to know all I could about my people who came before me."

In this compilation of a family's long and storied history in the Eastern United States and overseas, the author tells the culminating story of hours and hours of work compiling her genealogy. From the genetic ancestry across Africa to the various family branches that were brought to America and that prospered over time, centuries of data and history are brought together. The author uses this information to tell the story of who she is by the deeds and decisions of her ancestors. Of particular note is the author's relation to several prominent African Americans like W.E.B. Du Bois and Alfred Odrick, which is investigated and explained in complete detail. From the days of pre-constitutional slavery to the present, a complete re-telling of the family story is recorded in this title.

Anyone who has taken on the massive task of trying to record their lineage and genealogy knows how time-consuming and involved the process can be, and the author represents that well in this title. Going into great detail about everything from how census data was recorded to some hints into how one can verify potential lost relatives is covered here. Other genealogists will be excited to read about connections to notable Americans in this family and inspire them to consider looking for their own. At heart, this title is a mix of scientific non-fiction and biography, saving speculations for another time and presenting information that is only confirmed or passed on through oral tradition. The author's passion for her family and her history is infectious, and readers will be intrigued to learn about this storied family before investigating their own.

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