Space Rocks
by Jack E. Nelson
Trafford Publishing

"Asteroid was born about five million years ago. He also had lots of brothers and sisters, and they all would cruise the Universe together."

This short children's book charts the journey of three space friends: Comet, Asteroid, and Shooting Star. They met each other while they were exploring the universe, and they soon became good friends. Some of their adventures include playing baseball on Mars, dodging lots of space junk, such as meteorites, climbing the canyon walls on Mars, and seeing Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the Solar System. They wonder where their next adventure will take them; they are considering Earth or maybe Venus.

On the back cover, the author states that he "has always lived his life like an adventure," and he enjoys "golfing, fishing, and snowboarding," among other activities. This philosophy is well reflected in the book and in the adventures of the three friends. The book oitself has an attractive cover, featuring the trio cavorting in the universe. The illustrations are charming, and throughout the tome, the background for all the pictures is a starry night in space, which gives it an authentic feel. The book is designed for small children, as the print is large and easy on the eyes. It teaches kids about space and the Solar System, as well as an important lesson in friendship and how to help each other. It's a great tool for small children, to be used in schools, or for parents to teach kids the wonders of space.

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