Spice Up Your Speaking Presentations
by James Ocque
AuthorHouse Publishing

"Opportunities abound for you to enjoy your own success if you take the time and make the effort to improve your speaking skills."

It’s what many people fear worse than death, yet it’s an essential skill for all sorts of professional paths. It is public speaking, and the mere mention of the term is enough to twist the stomach into knots. Ocque argues that public speaking is indeed a skill like any other. It can be learned and practiced, and the fear of public speaking can be overcome. All you need is a little confidence, and of course, the steps outlined in Ocque’s primer.

Ocque begins with the process of preparation, which he divides into two main categories: Preparing the presentation itself and making last-minute preparations before getting on stage. He provides rock-solid tips for choosing the topic, designing the structure of the presentation, and connecting with the audience. This last section is particularly valuable for professionals. The failure to connect with the audience early in the presentation will cause the listeners to quickly lose interest and let their minds wander. Connecting with an audience is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of public speaking, but Ocque makes it seem easy by offering actionable, concrete steps rather than vague advice.

Overall, this book exceeds expectations. Ocque follows his own advice for connecting with his readers by using an omnipresent metaphor to give life to his words. As a Toastmaster, Ocque writes with impressive command and authority about everything from choosing the right attire to writing your own introduction. Like any good speech, this primer is just the right length; it covers all the major points of speechmaking without overstaying its welcome, and it leaves the audience hungry for more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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