Sprits of Shadowfire
by P.I. Fagoras
Author House

"Behind were the dunes they had seen from the outcrop below. In front was more desert stretching for mile after mile after sandy mile. He squinted hard at the horizon whilst shielding his eyes from the bright, fierce sun. A tiny shape could be seen in the distance."

Years ago, an incident displaced a group of people from their home planet and threw them to Earth. Young Jessica and TJ have lived their entire lives in this new home. The two friends study magic under the legendary magic-user Irises, learning essentials like teleportation, the art of fighting, and the history of their families. With trouble seemingly far away, the kids don't take their studies too seriously. One day the two friends and a classmate find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and embark on a dangerous adventure. A shadow from the past is about to catch up to them. Far from home and without their parents or teachers to rely on, the three children must use their wits and latent magic powers to save themselves—and perhaps their entire kind.

Spirits of Shadowfire begins as a run-of-the-mill fantasy but evolves into something else. The book features an intriguing mix of fantasy, science fiction, and even mathematics. Called the Algebraic Warriors, magic users in this universe wield powers based on mathematical equations. The concept is well thought out. In fact, it would make a great card game. The story takes a while to build as Fagoras uses the first part of the book to set up essential background and the lay of the land. Once it's underway, though, the children are whisked away on adventure. Each child has a distinct personality and his or her own strengths. The story watches them develop and learn through necessity and danger (despite remaining at times quite child-like).

Spirits of Shadowfire is the first book in a series, as evidenced by the abrupt end, which leaves the children in a precarious situation. What fate will befall the children and their families?

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