"You are transforming the meaning of ordinary into extraordinary."

Mitchell negotiates the liminal boundary of science and spirituality in this enlightening guidebook that also serves as a spiritual memoir, as it highlights many of her personal learning experiences. The narrative reminds readers that the nature of the human mind and spirit is multidimensional and that the union of science and spirituality can yield both practical, measurable physical lessons and esoteric, intuitive wisdom for navigating our daily lives and enjoying these to their fullest extent. Or, as the author says, “This book is about balancing yourself with the unseen as well as the seen. It is about the effect this balance has not only on you but also on your extended world."

The author's spiritual journey began when her intensive graduate and postgraduate studies in chemistry led to an illness that traditional medicine didn't fully heal. In her search for alternatives, she discovered naturopathy. She began to look at the world differently, both in practical terms such as nutrition and positive thinking, but also in more esoteric and intuitive ways. Mitchell started to use her research skills as a scientist to explore the generally unexplainable spiritual experiences that came her way, such as past-life recall, the experience of past, present, and future occurring simultaneously, and many other phenomena.

The practical nature of this guidebook has definite universal appeal as a teaching manual for the novice at the outset of their spiritual journey. The writing is simple, clear, straightforward, and without religious artifice, yet lacks the craft and nuance of creative writing that appeals to literary readers and possibly more advanced spiritual seekers. However, both types of readers and even others in between will surely find inspiration, fresh realizations, and signposts in these pages to guide them upon their own paths to spiritual connection and equanimity.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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