Squeaky and the Stinky Mouse
by Sarah Cash
Mountain Arbor Press

"Squeaky had a lot of food in his hole and he knew he should be nice and share, but he did not like how the stinky mouse smelled."

Squeaky was a lucky mouse with a comfortable living hole and great food right outside his door. One morning, Squeaky finds a horribly dirty, terribly hungry, very stinky mouse outside his door that just wanted a few scraps of food. But Squeaky did not like the way the mouse smelled, so he turned him away knowing he had more than enough to share. Later that day, Squeaky went out for his daily food collecting. Although he didn't find any food in his usual spots, he did find a delicious smelling piece of cheese and also found the stinky mouse. The stinky mouse warned Squeaky not to take the cheese but he did. As soon as he touched it, a heavy net fell on him. Squeaky could not lift the net but the stinky mouse came to his rescue. Once free, Squeaky asked the stinky mouse why he would help him after he so rudely turned him away. The stinky mouse replied that his mother always taught him to be nice and help whenever he could because one day he might need help too.

Cash has created an engaging story for children that also teaches a valuable lesson through her lovable main character, Squeaky the mouse. As young children read about Squeaky's daily adventures, they will learn that while others may be different from us, we should always help and share what we have because we, in turn, may need help ourselves one day. Squeaky has to learn his lesson the hard way and is lucky to have another mouse close by that is forgiving. Cash leads children to understand that forgiving and acceptance of those who are different from us are two very priceless traits in life. She inspires children to acknowledge the various characteristics of all people and be friendly and embracing to everyone.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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