Stand in the Heat: Lessons from Legendary
Entrepreneurs on Staying Cool Under Pressure
by Glenn Carver BookLogix

"Nearly everything we fear and stress over is created through our own limited thinking."

Filled with helpful aphorisms and advice, this book accomplishes as much in guiding entrepreneurs as What Color Is Your Parachute? does for job hunters. It is obvious that the author has done his homework in flushing out the qualities and attributes of not only successful businesspeople, but significant entrepreneurs as well.

Discovering himself on the financial edge, Carver begins his journey to understanding American entrepreneurship by going after the source. The opening pages introduce fifteen businesspeople, who have started their own companies. The author then refers to their insights, as he takes you step by step into learning both the pluses and minuses of beginning and running you own business while making your ideas come to fruition. From conquering fear to getting over the money hurdle to the "paralysis of analysis," this book addresses many of the issues that confront the entrepreneurial spirit. And understanding their mistakes is just as important as observing their path to success, especially in our new, uncertain economy.

The author has an obvious passion for the subject, but it is this same passion, sincerity, and plain-speaking voice that make this book appealing to the person with the next great idea or product. Carver reveals his own misgivings and shortcomings, one of which he admits is impatience. His eagerness becomes more apparent in the second half of the book, paraphrasing rather than directly quoting the interviewees, which might strengthen the concepts even more through added detail. All in all, this is a modern entrepreneurial guide for the next generation—an asset for those who are considering going into business, and a resource for those who may have stumbled along the way.

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