"It must have been the green button we pushed accidentally. No one had ever pushed that button before."

This collection consists of five brief light-hearted stories to share about pleasant memories, some recalled in detail and others embellished with some fantastical elements. The first story, “A Wish for You,” tells of a boy in school in the 1950s hoping to win a contest held by his teacher, leading to a small but profound lifelong regret. “Grandmother Emma’s ‘Secret Recipe’” illustrates the value of being charitable, even when resources are scarce or when the recipient is a complete stranger. An often-feared or hated insect is the subject of “Wasp on the Ceiling,” where the author teaches the importance of an act of kindness or mercy to any living creature.

Each story in this book is just a few short pages but will leave a lasting impact on any reader that opens their heart to the messages in these and the two other stories. The pace and length of each of the stories contained in this book match the light-hearted, inspirational content laid out by the author. Blending fact and fiction, these modern-day fables are appropriate for readers of all ages and are split up by photographs depicting the places and people featured. The whole book takes just a few minutes to enjoy, but the humorous, fun presentation stays in the reader’s mind and won’t be soon forgotten. Wholesome yet entertaining, these stories are easy to relate to despite being at times personal or specific. Not many people have owned a dry cleaning establishment, but almost anyone can relate to needing to find a way to get the bills paid. That honest, human tone is what makes this author successful at storytelling and makes this book fun to read and re-read.

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