"Sunsets are not just sunsets at the lake. They are magical to each individual. Each sunset serves as an unforgettable moment in time."

Big Rideau Lake, the largest lake on Canada's historic Rideau Canal, holds a special attraction to the author. Although a native of the Chicago suburbs, every year he and his family would make the trek up into Eastern Ontario to spend their vacation at their summer cottage at the lake. It was there, armed with his first camera, that DeMaria first recorded the natural beauty of his surroundings. The magnificent sunsets were a particular favorite among his subjects and are featured heavily in this collection of photos that capture much of the aesthetic wonder of this scenic location.

DeMaria includes only a paragraph of text at the beginning of the book to set the stage for his collection, choosing instead to let his pictures convey the aspects of the lake's story he is trying to tell. For example, there are the vibrant oranges and reds that color the evening clouds of stormy times at the lake. On calmer days the sunset may instead be a glowing reminder on the horizon of the rays that a few hours earlier made the waves sparkle. Some of the shots chronicle the quiet peacefulness of that period between light and darkness when Big Rideau is saying goodnight to its visitors. Still others capture the stillness of the docks, boats, houses, and ramps as the light slips away from them.

DeMaria showcases his talent as a photographer. Although he has focused mainly on exquisite sunsets, his versatility is evident in shots such as one where two chairs sit side by side on the end of a dock as if inviting one to come and enjoy all the lake has to offer. His book serves as a gorgeous tribute to a special place.

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