Sun of Apollo: Revelation 911 Series
by Darab Lawyer and Clinton Libbey
Abny Media Group

"Darius stared at the Riddle of the Sphinx Café. It was similar in size to the real Sphinx, which guarded the pyramids thirty yards in the distance. He thought about the challenge that lay ahead."

This engagingly written novel from the authors Darab Lawyer and Clinton Libbey describes the New World Order in 2012, where most people are implanted with an identity chip in their hand instead of using cash or cards.

Darius Prince, an ambitious Wall Street stockbroker, with a dream career and a rich girlfriend, suddenly receives a strange virus on his computer that makes him loose a great deal of money. As Darius frantically tries to figure out what happened, a comet aligns with Stonehenge. This marks the beginning of Darius' descent into madness, as he begins to have strange vision of the future and is confined to a mental institute. The comet marks the end of a 26,000-year cycle, as prophesized by the Mayans, and Darius comes to believe that he has been chosen to bring about a great change in the world. He escapes from the hospital and decides to travel to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt to fulfill his destiny. However, he realizes that various dark forces are at play against him, namely the Amazons, a tribe of women warriors, and his own girlfriend Paris who is working with them. Darius arrives in Egypt with the Amazons hot on his trail, along with the Egyptian president, Amon Ramsey, who has been looking for Darius for a long time.

This gripping novel combines astrology, fantasy, and the teachings of the Mayan calendar, the Holy Grail, and the Biblical prophecies. It is a great book about the apocalyptic New World Order of 2012 and how the energies are aligning to restore the balance between men and women in the world. Lawyer and Libbey have a background in astrology, New Age, and quantum physics, and the book has an interesting cover featuring the pyramids and the circle of the Zodiac. A great read!

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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