Supernatural Help for Mae
by Wilda Mae Schooley
Christian Faith Publishing

"Now I knew the reason for so much suffering. There’s about 3 percent of the population who deal with this."

Creating an autobiography that explores her pain and medical problems, the author chronicles her sudden transition from able-bodied and healthy to frequently going in and out of hospitals with life-threatening conditions. The insertion of devices like a pacemaker to help keep her heart rate stable seems only to weaken and further deteriorate her health. After some experimentation and close attention to the stimulus that makes her feel ill, she discovers that she suffers from electrohypersensitivity: being in the presence of electricity causes her body to have an adverse reaction. Living in this modern era where electricity is everywhere and coping with a condition that many people don’t know about in the best-case scenario, the author must learn to rely on God and others as well as adjust her lifestyle simply to survive.

From her initial discovery to her eventual diagnosis and treatment, each chapter of this book briefly covers a major medical event or a moment in which her condition begins to make more sense to her. Presented in sequence, the author chooses to hold the reveal of electrohypersensitivity back until such time that she learns about it herself, which gives the reader plenty to consider if they, too, are unaware that such a condition exists. It then becomes painfully obvious how much of a struggle life with that sensitivity must be in the 21st century. Still, this is a story of perseverance and adaptation, filling the reader with hope and admiration for the adjustments that the author willingly makes to maintain her good health. Fascinating from a medical angle and compelling from the human perspective, this author’s story will open the reader’s eyes to a rare but massively different world with which some people must live.

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