Surviving Crazy
by Frank Crimi

"The expectation the car or lights or phones would suddenly come on was gone.... This was the new normal."

The book's hero, Riley Knight, is forewarned about the possibility of a doomsday event soon to happen. A prophet at the San Diego bar quizzed him about whether he had "any idea of the number of long-term globally fatal events" possible. Riley was pretty sure that survivalists were just a bunch of lunatics. That was before puzzling events cut short his trip while driving up to Jericho, a small town in Idaho. With the gas needle close to empty, Riley pulled his miniature rental car into Shea's diner and went inside to eat. Several others, including a woman and her crazy dog, had the same idea. This strange mixture of lives filled the small space. And then the power suddenly went out. Nobody's phone worked, and no car would start.

As pouring rain and the severity of the outage intensified shortages, others joined the group at Shea's. Parents arrived with two teenage girls going cold turkey from social media. A huge, naked gun-running creature was found half-frozen, whose strength eventually pulled others to safety. Friendships blossomed despite the crazy happenings.

The author packs his chapters with bizarre events, each as if by divine planning and timing. Strange names such as local Plucky Rooster franchises and Flying Tiger Scotch abound. Antagonists named Sheriff Quack and Captain Crunch each try to usurp control in these dire circumstances. With an unlikely team of twelve drawing together, the author presents an entirely new perspective on end-time scenarios. Readers should hold onto their hats in this fast-paced story. It is bursting with troublesome yet loveable characters who fill this tale with hyperbole, danger, and amazing camaraderie.

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