Sweet Dreams Sissa
by Ann M. Allen
Trafford Publishing

"As the spaceship hovered above the ground, it spun very quickly and then landed smoothly in the grass."

Ever felt like something was too good to be true? Perhaps you thought that maybe it was all a dream? What if it wasn’t? Sissa is a young girl who goes on an incredible journey after a spaceship lands in her yard one night. Scared and unprepared for such a surprise, she hides under the covers until she falls asleep. The next morning Sissa believes that it was all a dream, until she finds a young alien in her bedroom after she comes home from school. The two of them go on some adventures, one of which includes Sissa’s learning how to control a spaceship!

Though a children’s tale, Allen’s story runs deeper than just a young girl who journeys on the adventure of a lifetime with an entity from another world. It is the story of two completely different beings who go beyond their initial differences to form a lasting bond of friendship. Children are exposed to societal prejudices, hate, and stereotypes at a young age. This story teaches them to be brave and break through those boundaries by keeping their curiosity and openness alive. The illustrations wonderfully complement the story, the colors bright and vibrant like Sissa herself. The plot, which flows well and is engaging, is written in a way that can be easily understood by young children.

Sweet Dreams Sissa has a lovable protagonist in Sissa. Her journeys to another world with her alien friend, Tracy, make a memorable story that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

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