"Suddenly I realized that I had just beaten the player who beat my coach, and it was only a week after I started to practice."

The author is well-known as a Virgin Islands’ tennis player and teaching pro that went on to national level competitions. Most tennis players begin their careers in youth. Newton caught the "bug" at thirty. With the support of his wife, this educator eventually quit academia to become a full-time teaching pro. The couple’s two sons grew up on the tennis courts of St. Thomas Yacht Club where their father taught for thirteen years. His wife Rosanna (aka Bernice) became his scorekeeper.

This engaging memoir is about tennis. Mastery of a sport requires testing and repeated training over time. Much of the skills Newton quickly acquired were from observing sparring partners, no matter which person won. Even a broken wrist was turned into a winning strategy of locking wrists for games. Playing singles or doubles in tennis events also increased resiliency. His memoir is also about career shifts. At forty-four, the author went full-time in tennis, retiring at fifty-nine. Then a sweet deal allowed him to open a business with tennis court percentages and a store. At Renaissance Beach Resort, he and his sons ran the largest tennis program on St Thomas.

It is obvious that Newton’s head was not turned by recognition. He speaks graciously of all the tennis note-worthies who crossed his path. The book includes pertinent quotes from reporters, students, and opponents on the court plus useful background provided for each testimonial. Encouragement from his immediately family plus God-given talent has enabled Newton to achieve what seemed impossible. His story should motivate young athletes to follow their own life-calling. This 162-page book, including photos, is the perfect holiday gift for a tennis enthusiast who can imagine himself playing on warm, tennis courts in the Caribbean. Acknowledgment of God’s providential care caused the author to confess he is “blessed to engage in a sport that young people play.”

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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