Swing N2 My World
by Wendy Richards
Trafford Publishing

"Once we realize that we have the power, or the key if you will, to be free, freedom follows."

Swing N2 My World gives readers an inside view of the life of a swinger, though not the view one might expect. While there are many extraordinary and tantalizing erotic scenes included, this book is far more than a compilation of the author's sexual encounters. It is instead an erotic autobiography that follows one woman's exploratory journey from a restrictive and unhealthy marriage to a life of freedom through a plethora of uninhibited sexual adventures.

Richards is a woman, mother, and lover who, over the years, learned to express her sexual appetite and prowess through her erotic experiences in a variety of swing clubs and unattached intimate relationships. While she has always described herself as "kinky," it wasn't until her marriage disintegrated and she met a man (also known throughout the book as "My Fling") that she was truly able to embrace her sexual identity. In fact, her fling was the man that introduced her to this unbridled lifestyle and later became the main object of her affection, a man she eventually grew to love.

At first glance this book might look like just another erotic piece of literature, however it is so much more than that. Swing N2 My World is a true story of how one confident and independent woman learns to appreciate and embrace her seemingly insatiable sexual appetite. It is a story of love, lust, and the journey of life with explicit sex scenes disbursed throughout that may inspire women of all ages to identify with their carnal desires and to live the life they want without fear and regret. This book is perfect for readers interested in what this fascinating lifestyle entails as it will shed some light on the intricacies of human sexual desire.

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