"We're afraid to talk about intelligent design, evolution, science, sexuality, Islamic terrorism, Government conspiracies, UFOs, aliens, monsters, and demons; but, the Bible has answers for all of that..."

Archer became a born-again Christian in 2012, and this work explores his journey to Christianity. It begins with an introduction which asks a number of existential questions and then focuses on his background. This is followed by 27 chapters accompanied by a section of questions for review regarding each chapter.

The first part of the book is an honest reflection on his early experiences with drugs and alcohol, sexual practices, violence, and his ADD/ADHD. He then examines how he got involved with clairvoyance and how this led to a focus on the dark side of life and a feeling that he might have the demonic within him. As he begins to explore his relationship with God and Jesus, his life becomes healthier, including his relationship with his wife and their child. Viewing life now through a biblical filter, he sees opposing belief systems such as yoga, mysticism, New Age philosophy, witchcraft, kundalini practices, etc. as evil and satanic. The Bible is used to justify all of his beliefs, including scientific principles, and Biblical quotes are often utilized to support his views.

Intriguingly, the last ten chapters focus significantly on marijuana and hemp. They offer an in-depth look at the extensive history of cannabis, the positive uses of it, those who have used it, and how it was used in Biblical times. As the author himself uses medical marijuana, these chapters may be included to lend support for the practice.

An expansive work of 605 pages on God and humanity, this is one man's journey into the secular and the sacred. Archer's book is a fascinating exploration of his personal development, and for those who have similar fundamentalist Christian beliefs, it will be an insightful read.

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