Tamar's Dream
by Sharron L. Ensign
Folio Avenue Publishing Services

"In this galaxy, someone was trying to stir up unrest and, eliminate all non-humans."

In the distant future, the problem of overcrowding leads to the “seeding” of other planets in faraway galaxies. Over the years, these galaxies become populated by both human and non-human intelligent creatures. But the relationship between humans and non-humans isn’t without its problems. Many humans are wary of these “other” beings and fear them because of their differences. These unfounded fears are easily manipulated and exploited by the unscrupulous, a lesson to which those who call the once beautiful Pragar home can attest. Though the LEADER has effectively stomped out all resistance on the planet Pragar, a young man, Anton, manages to survive just under the radar. Overhearing the LEADER’s command to kill all on board the vessel he is chasing, Anton makes the snap decision to leave his home planet in search of a better life among the stars. He makes contact with the pursued ship and offers his services for a way off his troubled planet.

Though an age-old theme of the corrupting aspect of power is at its core, the novel manages to be fresh through its futuristic setting and novice characters. Readers will find shape-shifters, telepaths, and various intuitive beings within these pages to delight fanciful tastes. The plot’s breakneck speed and surprising curves assuage the adventurous reader. The writing is crisp with a variety of intriguing characters, some of whom possess unique communication variances, such as sisters who speak only in rhyme and telepathic communicators. A solid work in the genre, the novel offers a worthy story of the fight between good and evil. Fans of science fiction and fantasy will find much to enjoy in this adventurous tale.

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