Tavern on the Edge of Time
by Peter Darrach

"He howled now in fury, the blood singing in his ears, and drove those still standing back toward the rift."

Who knew that one alien's hobby of collecting other worlds' time continuums could be so disastrous? When Max Cody revisits the Tavern on the Edge of Time to give his friend T'Chell a gift, he finds out that the alien has inadvertently caused a rift between two worlds that should never have known of each other's existence. This rip not only leads them to learn of each other's existence, but also instigates an interworld war between two races. T'Chell pleads for Max, and his fiancé Elaine's, intervention.

As if this wasn't complicated enough, a race known as The Assemblers, pure energy spirits who dwell within inanimate matter (brought about by a desperate desire to once again have a physical body), have learned about the human race's existence and location while staying at the Tavern. While this in of itself is not a problem, the fact that the aliens have a hidden agenda behind their search for this knowledge is more than a minor issue. Add that to the list of an old enemy who wishes to destroy Elaine Zhou and her unborn baby and you could say that things are keeping the couple pretty busy.

Darrach creates an imaginative work of science fiction that envelops the reader in the world of Max Cody and Elaine Zhou. The author does an excellent job at crafting original and exotic landscapes and species. A good science fiction novel seamlessly blends the familiar with the unfamiliar so as a way of keeping readers' interest, and Darrach effortlessly achieves this. Add this to an original, relatable cast of characters and an action-packed space opera with several unforeseeable plot twists, and you have a novel that will captivate young and adult readers alike.

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