"The wars had to be stopped before humans became part of the destruction of earth as we know it. Humans were like beasts of disaster; if they were not stopped soon, they would soon have nothing to fight for."

Young Loot lives in an age of Vikings, where kings rule, war is commonplace, and dragons roam the earth. As the son of a king, Loot is beloved by everyone—that is until it is revealed that he is actually a rescued orphan of low birth. Suddenly, everyone he thought dear begins to shun him. Loot flees, only to find himself face-to-face with a young dragon. Without a second thought, Loot sacrifices his life to save the dragon. Moved by this act of selflessness, the other dragons rescue Loot and bestow upon him great power: immortality and the ability to communicate with dragons. The dragons have been looking for a kind yet courageous soul to carry their power and bring peace to the world once again. Is Loot the key to saving humans and restoring peace in the world?

Crick breathes new life into an ancient tale. This exciting young adult novel combines fantasy with a touch of Viking and Irish history as well as mythology to create a living world. The story makes it clear that the real danger in this tale is not power but the hunger for it that is often so strong in humans. The book reads like a traditional epic, with a kind but strong hero who's easy to root for and who has a noble cause: stopping all the senseless fighting. Loot's journey takes him on a road of destiny and self-discovery, and through him, readers take part in a struggle to restore the balance of good and evil. Although it's set in ancient times, the book is all too relevant to the world we live in today. Simple writing and clear themes make this a great fantasy adventure with a broad appeal for younger readers.

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