Technology Governance: Concepts & Practices
by Azhar Zia-ur-Rehman
AuthorHouse UK

"Technology governance—system by which the current and future use of technology is directed and controlled."

Innovations rapidly evolve industry, and sometimes, change occurs too quickly for companies to keep pace and remain integrated. A prime example is technology governance. The author has studied the issue of technology governance since 1980, making him well-suited to proposing a framework for change. His book establishes a solid foundation of knowledge for executives. It provides straightforward explanations of how the author defines governance, corporate governance, industrial technology, and technology governance, among others. It should be noted that the author uses a broad, old-fashioned definition of technology, which he explains using the Streams Model of Technology.

After establishing the groundwork, the author covers the “Conglosphere,” which refers to the Corporate Governance Ecosystem of conglomerates. Here, he argues that all systems within a corporate ecosystem must be fully integrated, such as through the use of a secure, online board portal. Later, Zia-ur-Rehman moves on to an in-depth look at technology governance through the lens of the Streams Model of Technology. He provides several hypothetical case studies, which readers should find particularly useful for improving their understanding of the need for each stream of technology to keep pace with the others.

In the rest of the book, the author delves more deeply into such critical issues as risk management, independent governance, data usage and security, continual and cross-compliance, and COBIT 5 (Control Objectives in Information Technology). Zia-ur-Rehman’s work is an exhaustive and intensive proposal for best practices in mid-size and large companies, and it ought to be considered required reading for top-level management and board members. The author explains governance matters in a clear, convincing way that should serve as a clarion call to nurture growth by implementing technology governance.

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