Tesseract Converged
by V.A. Ebeling
Pier Avenue Publishing

"'Hold me Joe. Tell me I'm okay.' 'You're okay,' Joe answered, half asleep. 'I'm here.'"

The Tesseract series continues in this third installment, where the two sides of the Tesseract dimension continue to try and swing the balance of power in their favor by arranging what would otherwise seem to be coincidences. We rejoin Stella and her family—husband Joe, son Nolen, and adopted daughter Chloe—as Chloe is getting ready to begin preschool and Nolen turns twenty-one. Though this family is joined together by strong familial love, a father at the end of his rope and an electrical accident are threatening to tear them apart violently. These events are no mere circumstances, however, and it is up to the light side of the Tesseract to help Stella keep it together and fulfill their prophecy.

Though there are clearly fantasy elements to this story, for the most part this is a tale of overcoming abuse and hardship through love. The actual presence of the extra dimension of Tesseract is not overwhelming due the inability of either side to interfere directly, and simply adds a bit of lore and complexity to a story that is otherwise wholly relatable. While there are two prior titles in this series, the events of the previous books are alluded to enough to keep readers informed without ruining what the other titles have to offer. With a blend of suspense, new age philosophy, and solid human characters, this title is an endearing journey that is sometimes heartwarming and sometimes heart-pounding. Readers may find themselves hooked afterwards and will want to check out this book's predecessors before hoping for another chapter yet to come.

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