Tesseract Twin Flame
by V.A. Ebeling
Pier Avenue Publishing

"He ran his hand through his hair. That’s when Joe saw it. A ruby jewel set in a gold ring."

There is a fourth dimension in the world called Tesseract, which humans cannot perceive, and it has a good side and a dark side. Tesseract's dark side tries to recruit humans to carry out their evil schemes. All members carry an identifying item in gold and red, for example, a ring. These evil beings are threatening Stella Jennings, her family, and especially her gifted daughter Chloe. When a state representative called Richard Bloutworth wants to recruit Stella as an intern at his office, she feels uneasy, even though she doesn't know why. It turns out that Richard has a past life connection with Stella. He is also the leader of Tesseract's dark side. He wants Chloe in his grasp because of special gifts that she possesses. Stella's husband Joe, a police officer, finally starts to believe in this other dimension, which helps to strengthen the bond with his wife.

This well-written, unique novella is part science fiction and part psychological thriller. It is a fourth installment in the Tesseract series, which has won several awards. The author is a licensed psychotherapist and a university professor and has a clear voice and a straightforward writing style. The characters Stella, Chloe, and Joe are fleshed out well, and there is underlying tension and a sense of dread that runs throughout the whole book that readers will find satisfying. The theme of the book suggests there is something greater than us, human beings, which watches over and guides us. Perhaps a different font would be easier on the readers’ eyes. This is is a good book for lovers of drama, science fiction, and fantasy.

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