by Marshell Wortham/Harmon
Trafford Publishing

"...the last error shall be worse than the first. This lets me know that it has to get worse before it gets better. Better is the ending of a thing; than the beginning."

Ms. Marshell Wortham gives first hand testimonies from her young, yet treacherous life. From false love, to failed marriage, missed opportunities, painful decisions, and more sickness than any one person should be asked to endure, Wortham shares it all. She continually gives glory to God and uses her testimonies as reason that the reader should as well. She thanks God for the small miracles that she experiences; miracles that to some would seem like very simple overcomings instead. Wortham keeps the reader in check with scripture references and recitals of her beliefs.

This raw collection of life events takes the reader down the emotional path of a young woman broken but not beaten by the circumstances life has seemingly and unfairly dealt her. She miraculously keeps her faith and trust centered on God, using her son as extra inspiration, while outlining a series of events sure to make any reader appreciate their own circumstances. This sad story doesn't seem to conclude at any point with a happy ending, but is instead filled along the way with hope and determination. The author does well to fill the book with believable events, interlaced with enough personality to keep the reader on pace and engaged until the end. While not preachy, this easy-to-read, short collection, is truly a montage of closely held beliefs that one woman has used to make it through the difficult phases of her life.

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