"Was he now fated to draw violence and death the remainder of his days? Had he been abandoned of God?"

Every time Mason Cole Stuart fought at school to stop kids from picking on his disabled friend, Judy, his mother was sure that her son would drop the Stuart family into the toilet. His father, Matthew Lee Stuart, quietly observed the boy instead, wondering what the future would bring him simply because he was his son.

At fourteen, the younger Stuart killed a man in self-defense—the escaped convict had deliberately silenced the barking dog who found his hideout and was reloading to kill the boy next. His father rightly suspected a sheriff friend had claimed the shot to protect the teen. But that friend could not protect the boy growing up in the religious South from wondering if he was abandoned by God. Matthew Lee would have to reveal his secret past and confess his own first-hand knowledge that God doesn’t abandon fighters of right causes—such as David’s killing of Goliath and his subsequent favor as Israel’s first king and God’s servant.

This first book in the author's series focuses mainly on the story of Matthew Lee Stuart serving as part of George Patton’s Wild Bunch in Hawaii until the Japanese bombing and then later in Europe where the Battle of the Bulge was fought. Stuart’s unique service was as a color-blind spotter, finding concealed German equipment.

Silver has published a fast-paced action novel with adult language and imagery. Mason Cole, the book's main storyteller, is onboard a plane off to his own adventure. The resulting flashback technique used requires the reader to repeatedly switch between first-person and third-person narration. The book’s effectiveness would have also been enhanced by a final edit.

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