"He sat under the leaves of the small, small tree. He did not know what to do."

This book tells the story of a squirrel named Harwood who has everything he needs in the forest. He doesn’t have to worry about food, loneliness, or dangers appearing out of nowhere. Then one day his curiosity gets the best of him, and Harwood unknowingly jumps into a moving truck. As a result, his whole world turns upside down as he finds himself in the city. Harwood finds himself without food or other squirrels for companionship. It takes the kindness of a stranger to make the world “right” again in Harwood’s eyes.

The author’s charming tale recounts a familiar storyline. Many children might relate to Harwood’s dilemma as they recall a time when they wandered away from their home, parents, or neighborhood and suddenly found themselves lost and surrounded by strange people and places. Wyatt’s touching story shows how such an event can be paralyzing as the stress, fear, and anxiety threaten to overwhelm one who is no longer where they belong. However, the author’s story also reminds readers that no matter how strange this new place may seem, there might just be a caring person out there who is willing to help.

The narrative of Harwood’s frightening adventure is complemented by endearing illustrations that have a mixture of realism to them as opposed to the typical cartoonish fare found in many children’s books. Wyatt’s story is one of compassion and empathy, told in a voice that will reach young children. It is one that they will latch onto readily.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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