The Adventures of Fawn: ‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls
by Al E. Boy
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"The wolf licked his lips with his long, slick, drooling tongue and moved it slowly across his pointed teeth. He raised an eyebrow and grinned wickedly."

This first book in a juvenile fiction trilogy focuses on the title character—a small reindeer named Fawn—and her friends, which include a bunny, a snowboy, elves, Santa, and a wizard named Wajic. Fawn’s adventure begins when she disobeys her parents and ventures outside the village. Things start well for Fawn; she makes new friends and enjoys her freedom. However, it doesn’t take long for the dangers her parents were protecting her from to become reality. She runs into a wolf who wants to have her for lunch, and she and her companions discover that animals are going missing, including many of their parents. Will Fawn’s disobedience lead to her tragic end, or will she and her friends be able to overcome the obstacles and solve the mystery of the missing animals?

Boy’s novel does a good job introducing readers to an inquisitive and unsure protagonist. The story follows Fawn as she assembles her group of unlikely heroes, like a comic book team-up, and sets off to solve a mystery and thwart evil. The cast of characters is interesting; the snowboy, with his unwavering courage, and the mysterious wizard, Wajic, really stand out. Although the plot is not particularly new nor inventive, it is well-paced and has the right mix of danger and heroic moments to satisfy young readers. In addition, there are clear messages here for children, including obedience, friendship, and the importance of being yourself. The tale also stresses the belief in the wonder and magic of Christmas, as embodied by the character of Doctor Weather. This story will make an enjoyable read-aloud for elementary-aged children around the holiday season.

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