"Even as a baby, he searched for a friend to play with. He asked the puppy in the mirror, but the puppy just stared back."

Mr. Fuzzy Ears was adopted from the Humane Society as a newborn puppy. He loves his human Mom and Dad very much, but he really wants a companion more like himself. He searches everywhere for a friend, but the mouse and chipmunk are too shy, and the mischievous squirrel will only play if Mr. Fuzzy Ears can climb trees. When he approaches his owners about his lack of friends, they take him back to the Humane Society where he meets a variety of animals all looking for a forever home. Finally, when the story seems to be coming to its conclusion, there is still a surprise in store for Mr. Fluffy Ears and his expanding family.

As author and illustrator of the story, Roberts has created a charming little book which strongly promotes animal adoption. The illustrations in the work stand out; looking both soft and vibrant simultaneously, the characters are portrayed lovingly in a classic portrait style. The illustration matching the provided quote above is particularly striking as it shows Mr. Fuzzy Ears’ loneliness and vulnerability while maintaining his cuddly “puppyness.” The story itself isn’t particularly memorable, but the animals he meets are interesting enough that, paired with the compelling artwork, it will likely result in small children pulling the book off the shelf and wanting it read to them again because Mr. Fuzzy Ears is so adorable in pictures. In addition, the positive message about supporting the Humane Society and rescuing a shelter dog alongside an appropriate, respectable response to finding a lost dog make this book an easy one to offer any young, animal-loving child.

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