"They tried a push to the tush and a pull to the toe, but still they could not get that U to go."

Professor Poodle and his young companion Auggie are on a very important mission: They're trying to find the entire alphabet. As they travel through their homeworld on their Model E car, they find letters in the most unexpected places. What's that U doing in the middle of the road? Why's the Y running away? How will they clear the I (and his friend, the baby fly) off their windshield? Young kids will enjoy having this engaging tale read out loud to them as they follow along with the vibrant and whimsical pictures.

The story is accompanied by charming illustrations that show how the events unfold. These drawings are a memorable way for kids to learn letters by associating them with objects and living things through the use of rhymes and puns ("the A in the hay," "the B that's a bee," etc.). They're also very bright and colorful, making them simply fun to look at, and the little doggie faces and expressions are adorable.

The use of many rhymes makes the story fun to read. The story is largely built on these rhymes and is pretty fun and nonsensical in many places, bringing the letters and characters to life, although kids may need some explanation in an extra silly section about building stilts out of S's and T's. In most places, though, the rhyming adds another layer of whimsy that the little ones are sure to love, such as this cute line: "Help me, Auggie. Things are all foggy." In short, this is a charming little story that's fun to read and can help kids remember their alphabet in a unique way.

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