"It’s about how important freedom is to all of us, whether we have two legs or four, fins or feathers."

Chester Chipmunk is scurrying to collect nuts for his family when he is snatched by a furry, black and white monster. Chester is carried by the monster into the house where the nice lady that feeds him lives. Chester gets free and hides from them both. As days go past, Chester finds food and water each day wherever he is hiding in the house. The nice lady tries to keep him safe from the monster and the creatures named Peanut and Pumpkin. Chester realizes she is trying to help him get back to his family, but he is too scared to come out of hiding for very long. One day Chester finds a trail of peanuts and peanut butter leading to an open window. He follows the trail and finally gets his freedom back. After five long days, Chester finally gets to return home to his family.

Linders has composed a children’s story expressing her love of animals. She shows her young readers the importance of letting all animals in nature run free in their respective habitats. Through her adventurous main character, Chester, the author conveys how wild animals also deserve the respect and love we show our pets. She encourages her readers to feed, protect, and respect animals in the wild. At the end of her story, Linders also helps children connect even more with Chester by showing a photo of the actual chipmunk that lived in her home for five days. She shows his amazing and daring escape down the porch steps and back into his life in nature. It is obvious through her story that the author has a great respect for animals’ lives in the wild, and she uses this narrative to inspire others to have the same consideration that she possesses.

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