The Apostles Methodology to Interpreting Scripture
by Marcelino Esquilin
Authors Press

"Today Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, has made a Covenant with the LORD in our behalf."

Esquilin’s text employs a unique approach to substantiating Christianity: a scientific and analytical method to establish common faith in Christian believers. However, this text is just as compelling for those who are not devoted Bible students. Rooted in the knowledge of theology, the text suggests that interpreting scripture using Jesus of Nazareth’s message conveyed through the words of the Apostles is the ideal methodology because there is no speculation whatsoever. Rarely is a book of faith executed with such impartiality and objectivity, strictly relying on what is noted in scriptures. The premise, ultimately, is not to push a particular end goal, but rather focus on the process for believers to embody the word of the Apostles, and thus Jesus of Nazareth, in their daily lives.

Since the turn of the twenty-first century, particularly with social media allowing opinions to crop up everywhere, society is constantly plagued with the “what is truth” question. From the audience’s perspective, a level of belief that God is the beginning and end is necessary to truly grasp the power of being born again that this text presents. With simple to understand scripture references, followed by an in-depth commentary and analysis, Esquilin cuts right to the chase in terms of what readers need to absorb and implement. For example, “A veil covers their hearts. But whenever anyone turns to Christ, the veil is taken away,” succinctly explains what the moment feels like when one has achieved the transformation and experienced the light of Christ.

Gaining exposure to biblical stories through the lens of the author is particularly intriguing. It adds a layer of perspective that many versions of the Bible are unable to provide because of when they made their way into society. In particular, Esquilin’s observation of the Messiah’s arrival is noteworthy. Rather than the majesty that one would imagine as a fulfillment of Moses’ prophecy, the Messiah is a suffering servant. From the New King James Version of the Bible to the Complete Word Study Old and New Testament, the author has integrated a comprehensive host of research references to demonstrate the scientific support necessary to instill belief in environments such as a Bible study among the youth. Esquilin clearly has a strong understanding of the depth of his text, and, as such, he provides an extremely crucial component to the culmination of each chapter: a series of questions that will serve as a roadmap for the believer, and, in some cases, a list of key terms covered in it.

Each of the selected scripture references does more than just deliver the author’s message. They inspire, encourage, and give strength to the persevering believer whose light shines brighter and brighter with faith. The flesh’s desires lead to rebellion against the true Spirit, the one that basks in the glory of the Lord, but that temptation can be slain through the word of Jesus Christ delivered through the Apostles. Ultimately, this Bible study will apply to all audiences because of its directly engaging structure combined with biblical verses and narratives that, while familiar, are delivered with such clear precision that it is difficult to miss the message. Seekers of the answer to “what is truth,” and those who simply want to understand scripture from a more analytical perspective may benefit greatly and find this text to be meaningful in their quest for spiritual clarity and enlightenment.

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